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Canada sends over $30 billion in remittances worldwide every year.

Country Rank volume percentage of Total Remittances Sent from Canada
China 1 $5,387,225,438 17%
France 4 $1,685,755,792 5%
Germany 8 $1,052,950,815 3%
India 2 $3,739,767,801 12%
Italy 5 $1,393,745,585 4%
Lebanon 7 $1,108,807,017 3%
Philippines 3 $3,080,379,015 10%
United Kingdom 10 $739,213,877 2%
United States 9 $860,574,646 3%
Vietnam 6 $1,238,597,075 4%

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World Money Pay® - foreign exchange, international remittance & payments. Buy & Sell Foreign Currency. MSB Registration Number #M18879370.Top 10 remittance recipients in 2015 ($US billions): India ($72.2bn), China ($63.9bn), the Philippines ($29.7bn), Mexico ($25.7bn), Nigeria ($20.8bn), the Arab Republic of Egypt ($20.4bn), Pakistan ($20.1bn), Bangladesh ($15.8bn), Vietnam ($12.3bn), Indonesia ($10.5bn)

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